February 5, 2024 - "Excuse Me, Can I Please Talk to You for a Minute" - Amie Walker, edited by Brian Callahan

Difficulty ● ● ● ◐ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Lil AVC X editor Amie Walker brings us tonight's puzzle, a 12x10 titled "Excuse Me, Can I Please Talk to You for a Minute." Throw on your favorite R&B track in the background and get ready for a challenge - we promise the a-ha moment is worth it!

Please note that due to certain features of this puzzle, there is no .jpz file, and not all online solving sites will reveal the solution correctly using the .puz file. For best online solving results, we recommend using the .puz file with the Crossword Nexus solver. Of course, printing the puzzle and solving it on paper also works!

Amie is so excited to join the Lil AVC X editing team this year! She's an Arizona attorney currently enjoying time as a stay-at-home parent. Her puzzles have appeared in several outlets, and when she's not doing something crossword-related, she loves singing with her local women's choir (on deck for the spring recital: Alabama's "Mountain Music" feat. a kazoo instrumental break).

Amie says: "If you raced home from school in the late '90s to watch TRL, this one is especially for you! Hope you enjoy!"

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a midi from editor Jess Shulman.

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