Submit a Puzzle

AVCX Classic

Submissions are open four months a year: December-January, and May-June. During those two periods, please send an inquiry to You can either send a full puzzle file (preferably in .puz format), or just your theme entries. We’re not going to say “puzzles should conform to standard specs” because in fact we want weird, path breaking stuff, so please don’t feel too hemmed in by any rules, as long as the concept is good! One puzzle at a time please. We’ll get back to you asap.

AVCX Cryptic

AVCX Cryptic is developing a submission process and schedule at this time. Our current submission specs are here, and until our schedule for submissions is regularized, follow our account on Twitter (@AvcxCryptic) for updates.


AVCX+ does not take submissions.


Lil AVC X does not take submissions. Applications for the construction roster are expected to open yearly and will be announced.