August 11, 2021 - "Endgame" - Paolo Pasco, edited by Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ● ◐ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Paolo Pasco's "Endgame" is 3.5/5 difficulty. This puzzle is paired with an upcoming puzzle by Quiara Vasquez (date TBA).

Coupla plugs! Both enthusiastic ones. First, the puzzle tournament Lollapuzzoola is happening on Saturday, August 21! This year's tournament is all online, and features a full program of crosswords, minis, metas, puzzle suites, bonus games, constructor interviews, and more. The live tournament starts at 12:30pm Eastern Time -- but you can also get the puzzles by email to solve at your leisure. Read more about it and sign up at

Second, friend-of-the-AVCX Leonard Williams has a new book called "Black Blocks, White Squares: Crosswords with an Anarchist Edge." Williams is professor emeritus of political science at Manchester University, Indiana, and his new book includes fifty-one themed crosswords related to radical ideas, history, and political movements. We've seen some of the puzzles in advance and it looks fantastic. Pre-order it here.

Be well,

Ben and the AVCX crew // @avcxword