March 3, 2021 - "Hide and Seek" - Rachel Fabi, edited by Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Rachel Fabi makes her AVCX debut with "Hide and Seek," at 3/5 difficulty. What an honor for us and welcome, Rachel!

Here's a little bio for ya: Rachel Fabi (she/her) is a Syracuse-based solver, constructor, and tri-weekly blogger of crossword puzzles. She is a professor of bioethics and a "Jeopardy!" champion who enjoys bad puns, good trivia, and arguing about health policy and ethics on the internet (@faBioethics on Twitter). She's constructing for the current Boswords Spring Themeless League, but can't tell you which week her puzzle will appear. Rachel is also organizing a reproductive-justice-themed puzzle pack to benefit the Baltimore Abortion Fund, so keep an eye out for that project later this spring (and check out the incredible work happening at BAF a little early to get hyped for that release!).

Rachel adds further: "I'm so excited to see this puzzle, about one of my absolute favorite outdoor activities, running in the AVCX, one of my absolute favorite indoor activities. I'm grateful to Nate Cardin for his initial test solve of this puzzle and to the AVCX team for their thoughtful feedback as well!"

Be well,

Ben and the AVCX crew // @avcxword