June 20, 2020 - "AVCX Cryptic Crossword #3" - Francis Heaney, edited by Tyler Hinman

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ◐

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Bonus puzzle time! This is another cryptic from Francis Heaney -- his third for the AVCX in recent months -- and it is edited by Tyler Hinman.

And here's the big news: we're strongly considering adding a regular cryptic, made by the AVCX, and edited by Francis himself. If we were to create such a feature, it would be an additional charge above the usual AVCX sub, but potentially with a discount for current subscribers. It would be delivered to you just like the AVCX is now, including periodic bonus content. If you think you might be interested in subscribing to an AVCX cryptic feature, help us out by filling out this brief, sardonically irreverent survey. Your responses will allow us to gauge how many people are excited about more cryptics, and what price you think is fair (and possibly what kind of content we include -- tutorials, easy mini-cryptics, variety cryptics, something we haven't even thought of??).

Meanwhile, we know that some people are intimidated by cryptics, or just haven't done them before. That's why Francis created an absolutely LOVELY (as well as approachable) guide to solving cryptics, which is attached to this email. If we move forward with this feature, we want to make it as accessible as possible. Cryptics rule, and we're confident that once you get over the learning curve you'll be hooked. So we're here to walk you through that part.

Be well -- AVCX debut coming up next week,

Ben and the AVCX crew

avxwords.com // @avcxword