July 25, 2019, "Don't Leave Me Stranded" - by Anna-Marie Ruoff

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,
We're delighted to be publishing our first contest puzzle by the metamagical Anna-Marie Ruoff. We think you'll find it challenging! The contest answer is a two-word phrase. Please email your answer to inkubatorsubscriptions@gmail.com by Wednesday, July 31 at noon EDT for a chance to win some sweet Inkubator swag! (Note: We will email the answer key separately with the contest results after the deadline.)
We'll let Anna-Marie tell you a little about herself:
I am an exotic animal veterinarian, science nerd, and puzzle enthusiast. I live in Arizona with my partner, four lizards, and a tortoise (appropriately named Puzzle). I also enjoy tea, escape rooms, video games, and hiking. My partner and I began solving meta crosswords together a few years ago, and we have since progressed to writing crosswords for each other, for our friends and family, and recently for publication. I am thrilled to be published by The Inkubator -- I hope that solvers enjoy the puzzle and the first Inkubator meta!
Thank you to the crossword community for your support and to Laura and Tracy for this wonderful opportunity! Find Anna-Marie on Twitter at @darwin47.
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Coming up next, on August 1: a praise-worthy puzz from Inkubator test-solver extraordinaire Joanne Sullivan.
All best,
Laura and Tracy