May 23, 2019 - "Themeless #2" - by Caitlin Reid

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends,
We're delighted to be publishing our second themeless, a slightly-more-than-moderately challenging puzzle from the far-more-than-moderately creative Caitlin Reid.
Caitlin offers a few words about herself: 
I have solved crosswords ever since I was a child, but I've only recently waded into the world of making them and I am in love! My full-time gig as a stay-at-home mother to four young children leaves very limited time to devote to my newfound passion, but between packing lunches and wiping um . . . noses, I have managed to eke out a few puzzles.
I do so appreciate the creative and fulfilling outlet of constructing. That, and my passion for music (I'm a classically trained pianist), helps me retain a vital sense of identity outside of being a mom. So far, I've had two puzzles published in the New York Times, and I'm so thrilled to add the Inkubator to my constructing resume! 
We're thrilled to add you to the Inkubator, Caitlin! Find her on Twitter at @catybugreid.
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Coming up next, on June 6: a light lark from the legendary Lynn Lempel.
All best,
Laura and Tracy