March 2, 2016 - "Players' Numbers" - Aimee Lucido, edited by Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Hi friends: 

Aimee Lucido has a 3/5 difficulty puzzle called "Players' Numbers" for us this week. Happy solving ...

This week, the annual Orca Awards are happening over at Crossword Fiend. Check in daily to see what the AVCX might have gotten nominated for (or won!). Meanwhile, in 2015, four of the 25 top-ranked puzzles in any venue were published by the AVCX -- that's about one-in-six, a pretty good rate, especially given the quality of puzzles available in the world. Anyway, we've decided to make those four puzzles free for a very short time. So if you didn't get to solve them, or if you want to give a friend a taste of what the AVCX is about, point your browser here.

Finally, the winners of last week's contest are Martin Greenberg and Jonathan O'Rourke. Both take home 3-month subscription extensions. We had 265 entries to the meta contest, the vast majority of which were correct. Thanks to everyone who played! We know people like easy metas, and we'll keep 'em coming.


Ben and the AVCX crew [, @AVCXWord]