July 9, 2024 - "A line of poetry by guys named Charles" - Chris Piuma, edited by Will Eisenberg

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We've got a guest puzzle from our dear friend Chris Piuma today! It's an 8x8 grid we think you'll find tricky and stuffed with wide-ranging references.

Please note: This puzzle features a barred grid, so there's no puz file attached. You'll find a jpz in addition to the usual pdf.

Chris Piuma is a former editor of Lil AVC X who also spent several years organizing poetry readings. Nowadays Chris runs the podcast network Megaphonic (megaphonic.fm), and hosts shows about great literature, terrible movies, obscure trivia questions from the 1930s, and more.

Chris says: "The name of this puzzle is "A line of poetry by guys named Charles", and I'm curious — how did you pronounce "Charles" just then?

For me, one of the main joys of poetry is how it messes with your sense of language. Poetry can tease you, please you, confound you, astound you, and overall open up terrifying new ways for your language to language more languagely. Weirdly enough, I find that to be one of the main joys of crossword puzzles as well."

Headed to your inbox next week: a roster puzzle by Carolyn Davies Lynch, and a guest Lil.

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