July 2, 2024 - "Dressed to Impress" - Madeline Kaplan, edited by Olivia Mitra Framke

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today's midi is a fashionable and fun 15x15 midi called "Dressed to Impress" by guest constructor Madeline Kaplan. We think you'll find it a bit challenging, and we hope it's just your style!

Madeline is a podcast producer and editor originally from Toledo, Ohio.

Madeline says: "I'm so happy to have a guest puzzle in Lil AVC X! This puzzle idea came from 1) a desire to make a fun grid shape and 2) Aretha Franklin's iconic phrase "great gowns, beautiful gowns." One of my biggest challenges was the grid art -- the editors helped me figure out a shape that would read as a dress rather than a big X when you first look at it. Then it was fun to come up with a list of famous dresses (highly recommend the Wikipedia article "List of individual dresses") and their wearers, and figure out which names would fit where to make the theme feel cohesive."

Headed to your inbox next week: another great midi by roster member Katja Brinck and a midi from a guest constructor!

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