June 11, 2024 - "Can't, I'm Totally Booked" - Lydia Roth and Christina Bodensiek, edited by Jess Shulman

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today we have another fantastic puzzle by our roster constructing duo Lydia Roth and Christina Bodensiek titled "Can't, I'm Totally Booked." Its 12x15 dimensions give it space to stretch out. We think you'll find it delightful and just tricky enough to fill your solving heart with pride—in more ways than one.

Christina and Lydia say: "Oh, would you look at the time (of year)! Don't forget to fill your schedule with lots of queer content (like this puzzle, for instance). Couldn't let this month slip by without offering up our own lil' celebration. Happy pride, everyone!"

Headed to your inbox next week: midis from roster member Michael Berg and guest constructor Robyn Weintraub.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy!

Your friends at Lil AVC X

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