June 3, 2024 - "June Gloom" - Kaye Barton, edited by Matthew Luter

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today we've got an 11x11 midi from Lil roster member Kaye Barton. It's titled "June Gloom" and we hope it helps you take it easy (but not too easy) as you kick off the summer.

Kaye says: "When I saw that this would be the first Lil to publish in June, I took that as inspiration and seeded this otherwise themeless puzzle with a few spanners that made me wistful for the lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer. The title "June Gloom" comes from a song of the same name by L.A. band The Like, and it's also the name of the coastal weather phenomenon common to Southern California that makes for overcast, foggy mornings. That may seem like a bit of a downer at first blush, but I'm actually a big fan of gloomy weather! We don't get that exact phenomenon in Kansas (no coast, you see), but we do get a lot of rain in June, and some of my best summer memories come from those 'foul-weather' days."

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a midi puzzle from guest constructor Dan Schwartz.

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