May 13, 2024 - "Crossword in Noisy Mouthfuls" - Kaitlin Hsu, edited by Sara Cantor

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today's puzzle is a challenging, thoughtful 11x11 by roster member Kaitlin entitled "Crossword in Noisy Mouthfuls." When you're done, check out the attached PDF "Notes on Theme" for Kaitlin's explanation of the puzzle's theme, as well as consider matching her donation below or providing another form of relief for Gaza.

Kaitlin say: "I've matched Chrysanthemum's $50 donation to the Municipality of Gaza. Echoing her words, 'When he was alive, Dr. Refaat al-Areer offered support to @munigaza, which is repairing water infrastructure in Gaza and restoring water access for residents.' Can we keep this match going?"

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a puzzle by roster member Kareem!

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