March 22, 2024 - "Chase Scene" (themeless) - Shannon Rapp and Will Eisenberg, edited by Kim Vu

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

We're excited to bring you a 74-word themeless from the dream team of Shannon Rapp and Will Eisenberg, titled "Chase Scene." We're calling this one approachably tricky -- a good time for newer and experienced solvers alike.

Shannon (@sharpenorah) is a medical school research administrator, a host of the Midwest Crossword Tournament, a volunteer for Daily Crossword Links, and an editor at Lil AVC X and the indie project Lemonade Disco.

Will (@TlMBERWOLVES) is a French horn player and music teacher in the Twin Cities. He is the current 3rd horn of Orchestra Iowa. Will is part of the leadership team for Lil AVC X in 2024. More of his puzzles can be found on the blog Half-Baked Puzzles.

Will and Shannon also teamed up to construct for These Puzzles Fund Abortion 4, a pack of crossword puzzles created around the belief that everyone should have access to safe and affordable abortion care. Donate here to receive the puzzle pack!


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