March 23, 2024 - "2024 Trivia Puzzle #5" - Stella Zawistowski

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

This week we're trying something different in how we're sending out puzzles. Your survey results from a few weeks back indicated that the vast majority of you solve primarily with either the Google form or the single pdf that contains both puzzles and solutions. So this week we're only sending those two formats. If this poses a major problem for you, we might reconsider this choice, so do let us know if this is an issue.

This week we have a puzzle coming to you from Stella Zawistowski! Stella is on at least her 25th ACPT anxiety dream for 2024. Please send good vibes.

Also, congratulations to last week's randomly selected All Questions Correct Answer Getter (trademark pending): Paul M! We'll soon have a little tribute to them over on the @avcxtrivia Twitter.

If you have ideas for future trivia puzzles, please send one idea at a time to

See you in two weeks! Happy trivia-ing,

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