March 26, 2024 - "Who's Even in Charge of This Place?" - Owen Bergstein, edited by Rafael Musa

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ◐

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight's puzzle is a 12x9 midi by Owen Bergstein titled "Who's Even in Charge of This Place?" We think you'll find this one a bit tricky, and hope you enjoy some of the clever cluing angles and fun stacked answers.

Owen Bergstein (he/him) is a high school sophomore in Boston, MA. Fans have called him "Owen," "a theater kid," "a mediocre runner," "a queer theory nerd," and "a crossword addict." For some reason, fans have yet to call him "a Nobel laureate" or "an EGOT winner." Maybe next year.

Owen says: "I am so so honored to be making my debut in Lil AVCX with this puzzle! I'm so grateful to all of my amazing mentors (in the Crossworld and out) for their help honing my voice in puzzles. I really hope you all enjoy the solve!"

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