AVCX Cryptic 3/14/24 by Jess Shulman, edited by Nate Cardin

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Hi all,

We're beyond excited to be back in your inbox with a fun, creative, and joyful cryptic from Jess Shulman! From our constructor:

"Jess is thrilled to be back with her second AVCX cryptic, once again with incredible help, ideas, and encouragement from Nate. A freelance writer and editor based in Toronto, Jess constructs for a variety of puzzle venues, and she's currently on the editing team for Lil AVCX."

We hope you enjoy her lovely puzzle! And if you'd be interested in another cryptic edited by yours truly, check out this brand new charity puzzle pack dropping on Friday:

"These Puzzles Fund Abortion 4 is a pack of crossword puzzles created around the belief that everyone should have access to safe and affordable abortion care. In addition to 15 standard crosswords and several bonus midis, this installment contains an extensive variety and cryptic section edited by AVCX Cryptics editor Steve Mossberg (and one guest edited by AVCX Cryptics editor Nate Cardin). You can learn more and pre-order your copy at www.abortionpuzzles.com"

That's all for now. Stay tuned next time for something a bit different that we think you'll really enjoy!

Nate + the AVCX Cryptics Team