March 11, 2024 - "C-Food Diet" - Lydia Roth and Christina Bodensiek, edited by Jess Shulman

Difficulty ● ● ● ◐ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight's puzzle is an 11x11 from our first-ever Lil AVC X roster-member duo, Lydia Roth and Christina Bodensiek, titled "C-Food Diet." We think you'll find it silly and fun, and just tough enough that you might want to have some post-solve recovery snacks on hand.

Lydia and Christina are a married constructing duo from Columbus, Ohio. When not working as an orchestral musician and a lighting director for live events (respectively), they can be found cuddled up with their two cats, Winston and Huxley, climbing some bouldering walls, or expanding their ever-growing book collection.

Lydia and Christina say: "We enjoy a good dad joke, and this twist on the classic 'see-food diet' made us both laugh. We hope you enjoy it, too!"

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a midi from guest constructor Greg Snitkin.

Happy solving!

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