March 4, 2024 - "Everything's Coming Up Roses" - Kaye Barton, edited by Matthew Luter

Difficulty ● ● ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today we present a Lil AVC X debut from a member of the 2024 Lil roster, Kaye Barton! This themed 11x11, titled "Everything's Coming Up Roses," might make you say, "Wait, where even am I?" at first, but we're sure you'll get yourself oriented and headed just the right way as you solve.

Kaye Barton (she/her) is a cat mom and indie crossword constructor from Wichita, KS. By day, she edits dissertations and streams on Twitch. By night, you can find her fighting crime sleeping, playing board games with friends, or rewatching TV shows she's already seen a million times.

Kaye says: "For my Lil AVC X audition, I wanted to stand out, so when I read in the audition spec sheet that grids could break rules in 'smart, strategic, and fun ways,' I knew I wanted to be a rulebreaker. This puzzle is the result; the fact that you're seeing it now means it worked! I'm glad I went in that direction, and I hope you enjoy it."

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a debut from another member of the 2024 Lil roster, Deanne Cliburn.

Thanks for your support, and happy solving!

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