February 26, 2024 - "Puff Pieces" - Geoffrey Schorkopf, edited by Rafael Musa

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We are back with more constructor debuts! This one is by Geoffrey Schorkopf, a 10x11 puzzle titled "Puff Pieces." We hope there'll be something for everyone in this modern grid with an all-bangers-no-skips set of spanners!

Geoffrey lives in Georgia with his partner, toddler son, and two cats. He enjoys disc golf and vinyl records. You can catch him volunteering at the Oakland Cemetery and walking in the botanical garden. He's been a longtime AVCX subscriber and is honored and pumped to be a part of the Lil AVC X 2024 crew!

Geoffrey says: "This puzzle contains some of my favorite things: 19D, 20D, and even 15D (come visit!) ... Plus, I just love the phrase in 14A. Happy solving!"

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: our first guest puzzle of the year.

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