January 30, 2024 - "What's the Forecast, Phil?" - Matthew Gritzmacher, edited by Sally Hoelscher

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight's puzzle is a 9x9 midi from new Lil AVC X editor Matt Gritzmacher, titled "What's the Forecast, Phil?" We think you'll find this slightly sneaky puzzle to be enjoyable and timely.

Matt Gritzmacher is an avid solver and founder of Daily Crossword Links. When not working on crosswords, he's a loving pet parent to dogs Franklin & Remy and cats Zelda & Angus, and sings in a local choir.

Gritz says: "This is my first solo byline, and I'm very pleased I was able to make the idea work. Many thanks to the editors and test solvers who made it better!"

Headed to your inbox next week: midis from Lil AVC X editors Amie and Jess.

Happy puzzling!

Your friends at Lil AVC X

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