AVCX Cryptic 01/18/24 by Paolo Pasco, edited by Steve Mossberg

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Hello all!

We're thrilled to bring you another cryptic this evening from the ever-fresh-and-funny Paolo Pasco. Paolo's been regaling us with some awesome cryptics these past couple of years, (go back and check out his last variety cryptic for AVCX if you haven't yet), and we're happy to say you'll be getting all the tricks and laughs you've come to expect from him in this one too.

From our constructor: Paolo Pasco just got back from the MIT Mystery Hunt, and is glad his team's second-place finish means that they don't have to write next year's hunt. He'd like to extend a thousand thanks to Steve for his hands-on edits and expert hand in really tightening up the clues, and to the AVCX Cryptic team in general for having him back even though he wrote a puzzle about clowns last time.

We hope you enjoy the puzzle! See you next time.

Happy solving,
Steve + the AVCX Cryptics team