January 16, 2024 - "Rare Gem" - Brian Callahan, edited by Sara Cantor

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Get ready for "Rare Gem", a one-in-a-million puzzle by new Lil AVC X editor Brian! This 12x11 puzzle is perfect for gamers and comedy enjoyers alike.

Brian's thrilled to be part of the 2024 Lil AVCX team! When not constructing crosswords he enjoys traveling, trivia nights, playing with his 8-lb. terrier mix Penny, and masochistically following Chicago sports teams (there's always next year!).

Brian says: "The answer at 20-Across was the seed for this puzzle. It's the perfect marriage of my love for sports and comedy. Hope you enjoy the solve!"

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