November 6, 2023 - "Happy Hour" - Shannon Rapp and Will Eisenberg, edited by Rose Sloan

Difficulty ● ● ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight, we're bringing you "Happy Hour," a 10x9 puzzle from Shannon Rapp and Will Eisenberg. We think you'll find this one refreshing but with a few unexpected notes. We hope you'll enjoy it with your favorite beverage in hand.

Shannon and Will say, "We've been making puzzles together for over two years and we're so happy to share our first collaboration for Lil AVC X. We're both on the Lil editing team for 2024 and excited to bring you a year of fun midis. This one was a team effort in the truest sense - we each came up with one of the seed entries. Thanks for solving!"

Speaking of 2024, Lil AVC X is looking for constructors to be on our roster for next year. We are looking for people interested in working with a Lil AVC X editor as a mentor to create 6 puzzles over the course of the year. You can find more information here. The deadline for applications is November 13.

Headed to your inbox tomorrow: a surprising puzzle from roster member Kelly Nguyen Dickson.

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