August 8, 2023 - "Time to Deliver" - Clev Cong, edited by Rose Sloan

Difficulty ● ◐ ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Please welcome new Lil AVC X roster member Clev Cong! We're excited to feature puzzles from Clev for the rest of the year. Clev's puzzle tonight is a 9x9 midi called "Time to Deliver". We think you'll find it a smooth solve, with a little bit of a silly side.

Clev Cong (she/her), from Boston, is a college student in Philadelphia. This summer, she is finishing her undergraduate degree in computer science at Drexel and cheering on the USA in the Women's World Cup. Outside of constructing puzzles for her blog, Crocswords, and Drexel's student newspaper, the Triangle, she enjoys skateboarding and playing soccer and rugby.

Clev says: "Super excited to be making my Lil AVC X debut! Having a mentor was a new and rewarding experience for my construction process (I usually slap whatever I want into the school paper and no one bats an eye), and I'm looking forward to honing my craft as I keep receiving feedback. If you have not seen the bit that the title/seed entries reference (or even if you have), I highly recommend doing so after solving.* Enjoy!"

*You can check out the video at bit [dot] ly [slash] clev-debut -- warning, contains spoilers!

Headed to your inbox next week: midis from editor Will Eisenberg and roster member Jimmy Peniston!

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