June 16, 2023 - "One-Up or 1-Down" (themeless) - Nate Cardin, edited by Kim Vu

Difficulty ● ◐ ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

AVCX+ is back with you all today with a puzzle from our friend Nate Cardin, who took a break from churning out cryptic banger after cryptic banger to give us this breezy 72-word themeless! It's titled "One-Up or 1-Down", and we think it's easy-ish, as far as themelesses go. For the expert solvers out there, you might find this flies a little more quickly than our typical offerings, but this is definitely the puzzle to send to the few friends in your life who are still crossword-wary. We think they'll delight in some of Nate's trademark charm and liveliness!

Nate Cardin (he/him) is a high school chemistry teacher and crossword constructor who lives in the Los Angeles area. He's tired of queer folks being brutalized and endangered for political gain and encourages all straight/cis folks to stand up and fight back. Please?

'Til soon,

the AVCX+ crew

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