AVCX Cryptic 5/25/23 by Jamie Ding, edited by Francis Heaney

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ◐

Puzzle Notes

Hey there, friends! I'm delighted to present a very fun puzzle from Jamie Ding, about whom here are some facts!

Jamie Ding (he/him) doesn’t even like puns, yet he got into cryptics. What was he thinking? A native Michigander, more or less, he lives in Central Jersey—a region that exists—where he works in affordable housing and progressive organizing. Someday he may set up a website, but for now he encourages people to stop by his Twitch channel, watch the linked YouTube video in its entirety, and/or pronounce “GIF” like the acclaimed brand of peanut butter. This is his first puzzle.

Jamie says: “All of the thanks and shouts out to Francis for their (literally) jaw-droppingly good editing! I think we discovered some neat wordplay. Hope y’all enjoy!” (Personally, I think you will. I know I had a blast working on it.)

Cheers, and see you again in a fortnight!

-- Francis (and the AVCX Cryptic crew)