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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

This week's puzzle, by Sam Brody, is PDF-only, for reasons that will become evident to you soon. It's called "L-Space" and it's 1.5/5 difficulty.

Sam describes the puzzle as follows: "Today's puzzle is very much a passion project in honor of one of my favorite authors - Sir Terry Pratchett, a best selling author whose humor and imagination have delighted millions of readers worldwide. Sadly, Pratchett passed away in 2015 from complications of early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Friday would have been his 75th birthday.

Although the puzzle isn't supported by the standard app formats, you can solve it online at sambrody.info/xws#lspace, where you can also find an alternate version for Pratchett fans (or those brave enough to leap in without a net).

A huge thanks to the AVCX crew, and especially Ben, who made the puzzle much better than it would otherwise have been."

About the author: Sam is a software engineer and AI researcher living in Brooklyn. He's a lover of language and wordplay and a longtime crossword solver (proud to have supported the original AVCX kickstarter a decade ago!). Recently he's discovered the pleasures of puzzle construction, and is slowly learning the craft.
Ben and the expanded AVCX crew
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