April 22, 2015 - "Glossy Towers" - Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Hi friends: 

Your editor, Ben, brings you a 5/5 difficulty puzzle this week called "Glossy Towers." It's a tough one, but I believe in you!

We've had a string of relatively difficult puzzles lately, which may or may not be broken next week with Byron taking his turn. In any case, for those who prefer easier fare, rest assured your time will come. Or if you're impatient, buy a year of archived puzzles and solve the ones in your wheelhouse right away.

Oh, and did I tell you I designed an ad for the AVCX? Having no idea what I'm doing, I'm nevertheless proud of it. I made the graphic with young Dolly Parton and Smaug and Manny Ramirez on a banana phone in the grid, and wrote the snappy copy too. You can see it on the AVCX Facebook page if you're interested.


Ben and the AVCX crew [avxwords.com, @AVCXWord]