February 21, 2023 - "Me & My """Dog"""" - Lila Goldenberg, edited by Rose Sloan

Difficulty ● ● ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight, we're bringing you the first puzzle by roster member Lila Goldenberg. "Me & My """Dog"""" is a 10x10 puzzle that should feel friendly and full of personality.

Lila Goldenberg (she/her), from Los Angeles, began solving crosswords as a way of distracting herself in class, and has since begun making them. She spends her days procrastinating on high school work, and her evenings procrastinating cluing for her blog, Crafty Crosswords.

Lila says: "what a delight to be on the lil avc x (!!) roster this year! making my first real ""grown up"" puzzle for a venue was sort of terrifying, but went really well! talking with my mentor (<3) made it obvious what i should seed the puzzle with, and i think the result couldn't be better. enjoy solving!!"

Headed to your inbox next week: roster debuts from Nancy Serrano-Wu and Dob Olino.

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