Feb 11, 2023 - "2023 Trivia Puzzle #2" - Christopher Adams

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Before we get to this week's puzzle, I wanted to remind everyone that AVCX Trivia is open to submissions. And actually we have a bit of exciting news on this front--starting in 2023 we are raising our per-puzzle payment to $100! So if you've been considering sending in a puzzle but weren't totally sold yet, there has never been a better time. Send an email with 4-5-ish question/answer pairs as well as a final overarching meta question/answer to trivia@avxwords.com. We hope to see your submissions in our inbox! And now, onto the trivia.

This week's puzzle is coming to you from AVCX+'s very own Christopher Adams. Christopher (he/him/his) is an independent puzzlemaker and trivia master living in Iowa City, IA, where he can often be found running up hills and/or trying to become friends with the local deer population. Outside of AVCX+, Christopher co-constructs a quarterly crossword for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, as well as custom puzzles for any occasion. We hope you enjoy!

See you in two weeks! Happy trivia-ing,

Aimee, Michael, & the expanded AVCX crew

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