February 14, 2023 - "Great Gowns, Beautiful Gowns" - Kelsey Dixon, edited by No-Feet McGee

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Tonight's puzzle is an 11x11 by Kelsey Dixon called "Great Gowns, Beautiful Gowns" and we think you should enjoy it with popcorn and self-care.

Kelsey is a lover, not a fighter, and also a Chicagoan and devoted plant-mother to a desk cactus named Bruce. She has had bylines in newspapers, crossword outlets, and tournaments including Boswords and The Atlantic. She also blogs indie puzzles as Crosstina, a word she frequently mistakes for "croissant".

Kelsey says: "just when you thought the coast was clear, post Super Bowl, here i am with this coincidentally sports-heavy puzzle! i hope this puzzle finds you out with friends or on a hot date -- i will be spending the holiday working on my 'jacksonville jaguars juper bowl jampions 2024' campaign! xoxo"

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Always and forever,

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