January 31, 2023 - "I do it for the ..." - Rafael Musa, edited by Sara Cantor

Difficulty ● ◐ ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We've got another puzzle from one of our lovely editors. This week: "I do it for the..." by Rafa Musa. This 17x7 is super cute and the perfect puzzly snack to sink your teeth into.

Rafa (he/him) has been in the crossword scene for almost two years now. When he's not filling grids or writing clues, he spends 100% of his time doting on his cat Georgia.

Headed to your inbox next week: a pair of midis written and edited by Lil AVC X editors Derek Allen and Ken Stern.

Thanks for your support!! 😀

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