January 9, 2023 - "Lousy Food, Lousy Service" - Kavin Pawittranon, edited by Steve Mossberg

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Puzzle Notes

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Happy new year from Lil AVC X! We'll be coming at you with two midis weekly throughout 2023. They'll be edited by our fabulous team of new editors, and the next six weeks will feature puzzles written and edited by them! After that, get excited for puzzles from our ten 2023 roster members. We're ever-so-grateful for your support and are thrilled to be on this journey with you.

We're excited to kick off our series of editor midis with tonight's tasty 10x10 from Kavin Pawittranon called "Lousy Food, Lousy Service". Get ready for some super-fresh cluing angles that will challenge your solving assumptions. Keep that mind flexible, stay hungry, and let the filling commence!

Kavin Pawittranon (he/him) is relatively new to the crossword scene. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he started constructing in 2021 and has since been published in the USA Today (this is his first puzzle with AVCX). Outside of crosswords, his hobbies include music, video games, drawing, and linguistics.

Kavin says:

if you grew up in America and have succeeded in replacing "words of affirmation" with "being a hater" in your love languages, then this crossword is for you <3 <3 :)

pet peeves: 1. anybody who tries to talk to me about midwest ope

Headed to your inbox tomorrow night: a rather tricky midi from Lil AVC X editor Steve Mossberg.

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