December 24, 2022 - "Bonus Taylor Swift Trivia Puzzle" - Aimee Lucido and Amanda Fallon

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

'Tis the damn season... for some bonus puzzles! We have a big one coming to you hopefully next week, but this week we wanted to share something with you that's a little different. In October of this year, I, Aimee Lucido, teamed up with my friend and fellow trivia aficionado Amanda Fallon to make a One-Day for LearnedLeague about our favorite pop star and future best friend, Taylor Swift. We thought you all might enjoy the puzzle as well, so we got permission to share it with you here! The questions are, as you might expect, largely Swift-themed, but we did try to add other non-Swiftie entry points for those of you that didn't spend multiple hours over the course of multiple days waiting in line for the Eras tour like we did. In any case, we hope you enjoy!

Also, congratulations to last week's randomly selected All Questions Correct Answer Getter (trademark pending): Eric Siddle! We'll soon have a little tribute to them over on the @avcxtrivia Twitter. And now the puzzle:

See you next week for something fun! Happy holidays and happy trivia-ing,

Aimee, Michael, & the expanded AVCX crew | @avcxword | @lilavcx | @avcxplus | @avcxtrivia