December 19, 2022 - "Happy Puzzlekah!" - Madeline Kaplan, edited by Chris Piuma

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Happy holidays from all of us at Lil AVC X! And have we got some gifts for you? Yes, we do. First we have a shapely puzzle from Madeline Kaplan! It's called, appropriately enough, "Happy Puzzlekah!"

Madeline says: "This puzzle was only supposed to take one day to construct, but somehow it lasted much longer... Thanks so much to Chris, Brooke, and Enrique for a great year of puzzle-making!"

Cryptic crossword fans might also enjoy "Eight Cryptic Nights" a free puzzle suite by incoming Lil AVC X editor Steve Mossberg. It's dropping one puzzle at a time, each night of Hanukkah, over at

The festivities continue tomorrow with a puzzle from Adrian Johnson -- our last of 2023!

Happy Puzzlekah!

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