September 23, 2022 - "should i get bangs??" (themeless) - Malaika Handa, edited by Ada Nicolle

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Today's AVCX+ is a fresh themeless by Malaika Handa, titled "should i get bangs??". Malaika says this one is challenging -- we agree!

This year, Malaika's landlord increased her rent by 28%. The year before that, Malaika's landlord increased her rent by 38%. He will keep on doing this every year because there is no law stopping him. Malaika is donating the payment for this puzzle to Housing Justice for All, which is currently fighting hard for a law that will cap rental increases in New York at 3%. If you would also like to donate, that would be cool! Please send Malaika your receipt, as she will be matching donations up to $2,500.

Happy Fall from your friends at the AVCX,

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