AVCX Cryptic 8/11/22 - by Sara Goodchild, edited by Stella Zawistowski

Difficulty ● ● ● ◐ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear cryptic lovers,

We've got a cool treat from up north this week: a cryptic from Canada's own Sara Goodchild! We've loved solving Sara's puzzles in The Browser and The Inkubator, and we're delighted to bring another of her light and breezy (for a cryptic, anyway) puzzles to you here.

Sara Goodchild (she/her) edits and writes science textbooks from her home in Toronto. Her cryptics appear in New Scientist and The Browser. Sara is thrilled to have Stella as her editor again for her AVCX debut! Stella edited her first published cryptic, which appeared in The Inkubator. You can find Sara on Twitter: @sarathegood.

Be well,
The AVCX Cryptic team