July 26, 2022 - "You Complete Me" - Jack Murtagh, edited by Chris Piuma

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We have another guest puzzle for you! This inventive puzzle is from Jack Murtagh, and it's a... hm, it's a little hard to say what size this one is. One of our test solvers described the puzzle as "all over the place", and that seems right.

For technical reasons, this puzzle is only being distributed as a PDF. We apologize if this interrupts your solving workflow, but we think this is worth it. Jack writes:

I am a puzzle enthusiast from the northeastern U.S. My background is in math and computer science, where I have worked as a researcher and a tutor. I am lucky to be spending this summer in Ecuador with my wife, where I am writing a book of puzzles (not crosswords).

Since a crossword is an inherently static medium, I've always admired puzzles that can evoke a sense of motion. I'm grateful to Chris Piuma for the editing work and to Lil AVC X for providing an outlet for oddball puzzles like this one!

Lil AVC X is off next week, but we'll see you on August 8th with new puzzles by our regular roster of constructors!

Stay strong,

Brooke, Chris, Enrique & the expanded AVCX crew

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