July 13, 2022 - "Big Boxes" - Aimee Lucido and Rafael Musa, edited by Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

Rafael Musa and Aimee Lucido's "Big Boxes" is 4/5 difficulty. It's the AV Classic (and world) debut of this exciting tag-team.

Rafael says: "I'm honored to be gracing your inbox with a full-size 15x puzzle! I don't think we could have timed the clue on 28-Across better if we'd tried!"

And Aimee: "I'm excited to be publishing my first collab with Rafa! We're pandemic friends who have met in person exactly twice and yet have an ongoing crossword chat thread that is more active than almost any others I have. Also, this is an evergreen reminder to check out my middle grade novels EMMY IN THE KEY OF CODE and RECIPE FOR DISASTER!"

Finally, a plug for our friends at Boswords: Registration is now open for the Boswords 2022 Summer Tournament, which will be held on Sunday, July 24. This event will be both In-Person and Online. Solvers can compete individually or in pairs. To register, to see the constructor roster, and for more details, go to www.boswords.org, where past tournament puzzles are also available for purchase.

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