June 6, 2022 - "This is not a pyramid scheme" - Adrian Johnson, edited by Chris Piuma - 3.5/5

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today's shapely puzzle is an 11x11 treat titled "This is not a pyramid scheme" from Adrian Johnson. It's about a 3.5/5 difficulty.

Here's what Adrian has to say about it:

This one goes out to my sixth-grade math notebook -- 150 sheets of graph paper packed full of eye-popping geometric mazes, sudokus, magic squares, kenkens (but no crosswords!!!), and a few notes about fractions or something. It was during the mind-numbing lectures of room 212 that my puzzle-crazed, neurodivergent mind felt most alive, helping me create games designed for the eye as much as the mind.

I put this grid together on instinct and feel with no seed entries in mind. To me, it kinda looks like a bat, which I thought was cute. More importantly, I chose it because it's got everything I like in a small crossword -- an eclectic stack on the top and two cute 10s that cascade down into an open pyramid base that inspired this puzzle's name. Not tryna scam you or anything, just want you to enjoy this crossword 🙂

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