May 13, 2022 - "lmao r u ok?" (themeless) - Ada Nicolle, edited by Max Carpenter

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Today's AVCX+ is coming at you... from inside the house!! It's a themeless puzzle from our very own Ada Nicolle. It's titled "lmao r u ok?" and we're calling it 3/5 in difficulty. Ada (she/they) is a crossword constructor based in Toronto, Ontario. She runs the indie crossword venue Luckystreak Xwords+ on Patreon, and is a regular contributor to the USA Today Crossword and Redstone Crosswords. When she's not constructing puzzles, she can be found performing comedy around Toronto.

The rest of the AVCX+ squad is happy to echo that plug with added vigor: Ada has one of the best crossword subscriptions around, and if you enjoy the puzzle enclosed herewith, you should seriously consider joining her Patreon. Her puzzles are consistently ultra-fresh, progressive, and hilarious. Plus, Patreon is another direct way to support an indie puzzlemaker who's putting heart and soul into her work. (Of course, we're always grateful for your support here at AVCX.)

'Til soon,

Max, Ada, Chris, Quiara, Sid & the expanded AVCX crew | @avcxword | @lilavcx | @avcxcryptic | @avcxplus | @avcxtrivia