April 15, 2022 - "Wet Ass Puzzle" (themeless) - Malaika Handa, edited by Quiara Vasquez

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

We're excited to bring you a 3/5 difficulty themeless today from Malaika Handa, titled "Wet Ass Puzzle." In her early days of constructing, Malaika swore she would never ever do a triple stack and yet, here we are. She is upsettingly online on Twitter and with Vulture, and spends her non-crossword life wandering around Brooklyn trying cute cocktails (ex) and reading Wikipedia articles about math problems (ex).

From the editing side, we'll have some exciting news to share with you next week! In the meantime, look forward to a fun Trivia offering tomorrow.

Be well,

Quiara, Max, Chris, Sid & the expanded AVCX crew

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