March 15, 2022 - "A Holi Celebration" - Kunal Nabar, edited by Chris Piuma - 2/5

Difficulty ● ● ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today's midi is called "A Holi Celebration" and is a 11x12 puzzle with a difficulty of 2/5. It's constructed by Kunal Nabar.

Holi is in just a few days (Friday!) and we're starting the celebration a little early with Kunal's Lil AVC X debut grid. You may remember Kunal's fun puzzle "Higher Dimensions" (constructed with Emily Sharp), which the AVCX published in November. We're excited to bring you more of his work!

Kunal is an engineer who lives in the Bay Area. He started solving crosswords in 2017 and has loved it ever since. He began constructing in early 2020. You can find other puzzles he's written on his blog. In his spare time Kunal enjoys cooking, running, and exploring California's outdoor spaces.

Headed to your inbox next week: More roster debuts!

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