March 1, 2022 - "Second Chances" - Shannon Rapp, edited by Chris Piuma

Difficulty ● ● ● ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today's puzzle is called "Second Chances" and is an 11x11 puzzle with a difficulty of 3/5. It's constructed by Shannon Rapp.

You may remember Shannon's delightful AVCX+ puzzle a few weeks ago. We are thrilled that Shannon is part of our roster, and that you'll be getting new puzzles from her on the regular.

Shannon Rapp is excited to be constructing for Lil AVC X! She makes puzzles for her blog under the name Norah Sharpe and contributes to Crossworld News and Notes. Shannon is a mom of one middle-schooler, servant to one cat, and loves coffee, knitting, and burritos. 🙂

Also, a little clarification from your Lil AVC X editors! We encourage all our constructors to give their puzzles names, whether they are traditionally themed crosswords, themeless crosswords, or (like today's puzzle) somewhere in between. Sometimes the names will reflect a puzzle's theme, but sometimes they will be based on the puzzle's vibe, or the clue to 1-Across. Whatever the case, we hope you'll agree that names are fun, and they help make crossword puzzles a little more memorable and a little more personable.

Headed to your inbox in two weeks: More roster debuts, including a special holiday puzzle!

Thanks for your support!

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