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'November 29, 2021 - "I Guess This Is Goodbye" - Francis Heaney, edited by Lorinne Lampert' Puzzle Files

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Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Surprise bonus puzzle tonight from Francis Heaney. It's 3/5 difficulty, and called "I Guess This Is Goodbye."

Words from the constructor: "Friday's news about the passing of 3-Down -- a legend in two areas I dearly love, musical theatre and puzzles -- hit my household hard. I, of course, processed my feelings in the manner of my people: by writing a complicated tribute crossword. I was aided in this by the other 3-Down expert in the room, Lorinne Lampert (our cat Zelda is more of an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, not that there's anything wrong with that), who weighed in throughout the day on clues and grid options. 9-Down is probably (if one can choose only one), my favorite 3-Down song, the truest description I know of what it's like to lose yourself in the artistic process. That is, perhaps, what makes his work so wonderful; the words and the worlds he creates are so immersive, and you can get lost so wholly in them, that it is like you are living the creative act alongside him. And of course it is by losing ourselves that we return to find ourselves. 'It's the only way to see.'"

Meanwhile, tomorrow night's puzzle contains a big exciting announcement. If you just can't wait, check our Twitter ...

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