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'July 25, 2023 - "Never Let Them Know Your Next Move" - Pravan Chakravarthy, edited by Steve Mossberg' Puzzle Files

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We're so happy to offer you a 9x12 Pravan Chakravarthy puzzle which was created in a novel way that you can read about after you solve. It's called "Never Let Them Know Your Next Move," and should be a light and witty challenge.

Pravan says: Hi everyone! This puzzle was an adventure to make -- I'd explain it all here, but that would spoil the puzzle for you, so more detailed notes (perhaps too detailed) are included with the solution pdf. Thanks as always to Steve, Brooke, and the editors for being receptive to the idea and thoughtful with their feedback. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and here are some words you might find to be related to the puzzle: expectation, remedy, friend, autonomy, poem.

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Thanks for your support, and happy solving!

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