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'May 30, 2023 - "Water Fight!" - Eric Mao, edited by Ken Stern' Puzzle Files

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Incoming! Eric Mao's latest, "Water Fight!", is the bomb. We love how innovative Eric's midi puzzles have been, and this surefire hit is no exception. This 11x9 grid has an irregular pattern but nonetheless provides a well-coordinated theme at a moderate difficulty. Give it a shot.

Eric says: "Hello everyone! I've been sitting on the concept for this puzzle for a while, and I'm glad to finally have it in ink. I hope you find the theme fun and enjoy solving :). I also wanted to send my thanks to Ken, Brooke, and all of the other great editors and test-solvers for making all of these puzzles possible (especially my last puzzle, but it was hard to put in a thanks with the constraints of the note!)."

Headed to your inbox next week: midis from Dob Olino and Jimmy Peniston!

Keep fighting the good fight,

Your friends at Lil AVC X

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