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'July 11, 2022 - "I Was Josh Safdie's Muse" - Kelsey Dixon, edited by Brooke Husic' Puzzle Files

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

After two weeks off, we're thrilled to bring you a 9x16 midi by Kelsey Dixon titled "I Was Josh Safdie's Muse" (beware: clicking the link will be a spoiler, but its preview at the bottom of this email reveals nothing). We're shifting away from numerical difficulties and instead will provide some solving notes -- think wine tasting, but puzzles. We think you'll find this puzzle spicy, online, voicey, and hilarious.

Here's what Kelsey says: "It's been a while, but I'm so happy to be back in the friendly confines of your inbox with a puzzle to share. If you'll read the tasting notes for this one, I'd say it pairs best with your favorite song from 1993 (a great year) and ... well, you'll see. Thanks for solving and, as always, you can find me at crosstina aquafina if you've got feedback!"

Well, "Boom! Shake the Room" and "What Is Love" were both released in 1993 so you've got some tough choices ahead.

Tomorrow night, another long boi from Shannon Rapp.

Tick-tick-tick-tick boom,

Brooke, Chris, Enrique & the expanded AVCX crew | @avcxword | @lilavcx | @avcxcryptic | @avcxplus | @avcxtrivia