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'May 9, 2022 - "Crossword.puz" - May Huang, edited by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano - 2.5/5' Puzzle Files

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Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

We're kicking off the month of May for the AVCX expansion today with a 10x11 midi from May Huang called "Crossword.puz" that we expect to play at a 2.5/5 difficulty.

A word from May: "I'm really pleased with how this puzzle turned out, and want to thank the editors for helping me tighten the theme along the way! Like a couple other puzzles I've worked on recently, my inspiration for this theme came from simply *spending too much time staring at my screen*... I also publish puzzles over at and (sometimes) tweet about crosswords here. Finally, while I have your attention -- please consider donating to These Puzzles Fund Abortion Too to support abortion funds across the country!"

Headed to your inbox tomorrow night: a delightfully tough midi from Kunal Nabar.

Thanks for your support!

Brooke, Chris, Enrique & the expanded AVCX crew | @avcxword | @lilavcx | @avcxcryptic | @avcxplus | @avcxtrivia